Board of Directors

Vaughan Webber – Chairman

Vaughan has extensive industry and public markets experience, having spent 10 years in corporate finance at a leading Australian stockbroker focusing on developing, funding and executing strategies for mid to small cap ASX listed companies. Vaughan gained significant mining experience holding a senior executive position in a listed gold and iron ore focused mining company. He is also Non-Executive Director of Anchor Resources Limited.

Tim Stringer – Director

Tim’s background is principally as a sedimentary geologist, working in Australia, Indonesia, India, Russia and West Africa in the role of supervising geologist. For the past 15 years he has held various senior geological positions including that of Operation Manager for an oil and gas company. In addition to his interest in the energy sector, he has been the geological advisor to a medium scale gold mine in the Philippines and has recently completed an independent assessment of coal in the Philippines for coal seam gas extraction.

Peter Vobr – Director

Peter is a geologist with twenty years’ experience in the conventional and unconventional oil and gas industry in Australia. He has worked in the coal exploration industry in the Bowen Basin, gaining experience in coal exploration drilling, coring and sampling operations. Peter has worked extensively on exploration planning and drilling in underexplored areas of the Southern Bowen Basin. Most recently, Peter was Principal Geologist for a coal seam gas major responsible for geology and drilling operations for the Surat and Coastal Basins of Eastern Queensland.


Valiant is committed to maintaining a small, dedicated team focused on growing asset value and progressing development of assets. Valiant works with leading industry consultants and is constantly looking for industry talent in the areas of coal geology and engineering. If you are interested in working with, or for Valiant, please submit your details to Valiant for consideration of services.