Hutton Coking Coal Project

The Hutton Coking Coal Project consists of 5 defined mining areas. The initial focus of Valiant is on mining large volumes of SHCC/SSCC and bringing Mining Areas 2 & 1 to market through separate bankable feasibility studies post completion of a pre-feasibility study.

Location & Transport - Mining Area 2

Location & Transport – Mining Area 2

The Hutton Coking Coal Project has the potential to produce a globally significant quantity of coking coal by way of:

  • Dual longwall operations across Mining Areas 2 & 1 – 24 mtpa;
  • Across all 5 Mining Areas (if all in production) – up to 49-55 mtpa.

The Company is currently exploring interest from strategic partners in participating in the development of Mining Areas 2 & 1.

Overview of Mining Areas

Overview of Mining Areas

A summary of Projects for Mining Areas 2 & 1 is provided below:

Mining Areas 2 & 1 in Brief

Hutton Coking Coal Project in Brief

Scoping Studies on both Mining Areas 2 & 1 have been completed with Palaris Mining. The two projects can be developed in sequence or in parallel. Below is a map of site access and proposed surface infrastructure.

Initial Focus: Mining Areas 2 & 1

Initial Focus: Mining Areas 2 & 1

Substantial synergies and optimisation of operating the two initial projects concurrently exist and build on substantial existing surface infrastructure and a huge body of existing date that is present from the existing operations of gas operations at surface.

Included in the Valiant database on the project includes the following and more:

  • Aeromagnetic data
  • Gravity data
  • 2D seismic / 3D seismic data
  • Digital data and geophysical logs from
  • 550 well completion reports
  • JORC resource report by Palaris
  • Coal quality review by Geoconsult and testing by ALS Laboratories
  • Scoping Study reports completed by Palaris for Mining Areas 2 & 1
  • Exploration & Planning reports
  • Mining Area Identification Study report
  • Regional and project specific geological resource model and reports completed by Palaris
  • Synergies Study report completed by Palaris
  • Benchmarking Study reports (coal quality, mining productivity, etc)

B Seam Resource Classification by Mining Area

D Seam Resource Classification by Mining Area