Hutton Rail Project

The Hutton Rail Project has been defined as a consequence of a successful Rail & Port study commissioned in late 2016 and completed in early 2017 by Balance Advisory for Valiant.

The map below identifies the preferred rail alignment to bring the Hutton Coking Coal Project to market.

In addition to the study of the primary alignment that can service multiple mines (Valiant owned or otherwise), the study also considered two potential spur line extensions that would open up the Surat Basin and other major key projects in the region.

Hutton Rail Project and Future Spur Lines

Hutton Rail Project and Future Spur Lines

Should the Surat Basin Rail Project move ahead, it remains an alternative rail transport option to bring Valiant’s coal product to market for the Hutton Coking Coal Project. The Hutton Rail Project however would unlock additional value and present a more direct transport solution for Valiant. It is also a multi-user asset and would through future spur lines, also provide transport options for additional key regional projects as well.

The Surat Basin Rail Project was EIS approved 9 December 2010 by the Coordinator General of Queensland. The Project was established originally as a 210-kilometre railway in the Surat Basin that will connect the Western Railway system near Wandoan to the Moura Railway system near Banana. See below and here for further details.